• 1995

    Jeff Klotz begins to acquire single family homes

  • 1999

    After successfully operating 25 single family homes, Jeff transitions to multifamily assets after acquiring 200 units

  • 2005

    The firm Continues to grow at a rapid pace, acquiring more than 1,000 units per year. The firm owns a total of 6,000 multifamily units

  • 2005

    Jeff creates Just Multifamily, LLC

  • 2009

    Jeff creates American Management Group, LLC and forms the Klotz Group of Companies

  • 2011

    The Klotz Group of Companies launches its first Real Estate Fund which was over subscribed to $28MM. Grows the firm to 9,000 units

  • 2012

    The Klotz Group forms a $30MM Joint Venture with an institutional investor based in NY. This relationship will grow in excess of $100MM

  • 2013

    The firm launches three additional funds totaling over $120MM. Grows the firm to 25,000 units

Our Mission

The Klotz Group of Companies mission is to promote a transparent and institutional quality standard by capitalizing on the expertise of its teams, executives and management professionals whose experience combines both operational and niche market knowledge to create value for residents, employees, partners, shareholders and investors, both foreign and domestic in the realm of multifamily real estate.

Our Vision

The Klotz Group of Companies has established an enviable track record since 1995 and will seek to continue to outperform the market and itself. While acting as an ethical and responsible fiduciary to our real estate investors and partners our goal is to be known for enhanced returns and superior results.

Core Values:

Dedication – We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our residents, partners, investors and shareholders.
Integrity – We will adhere to moral and ethical principles that are above and beyond industry standards.
Leadership – We will give clear guidance and direction in adherence to our culture and core values to accomplish our vision and purpose.
Profitability – We will be financially strong in order to achieve our vision.
Pursuit – We will obligate ourselves to the intense and relentless pursuit of achievement and accomplishment.
Solution Driven – If we do come upon an obstacle, we will value it as an opportunity to learn. We will document the issue, come up with an action plan, create a timeline, stay on budget, commit to action and implement the solution.