The Delay in SFH

Investing in multi-family homes is one of the most lucrative forms of investing. The benefits far outweigh any of the risks. Multi-family properties come with the least amount of risk in terms of vacancy. One vacancy will quickly be filled by the next young professional beginning their career in a new town. Young millennials are becoming young professionals due to the economic crisis of 2008 and will always need a place to live. Education and career goals have evolved to be very different from their parents.

In recent years, there has been a delay on purchasing single family homes, making it a possible risk for investment as compared to a multi-family property. As the age of childbearing increases, the need for a large, permanent home decreases. A young, career-driven couple has no need for a large space if they are not stuck on having a permanent address. Women are leaders in the work force and are comfortable choosing not to have children, delaying their need for homeownership.

All these factors add up to a delay in couples and families pursuing the single-family home lifestyle. This means it’s the perfect time to invest in new multifamily homes and market your current ones towards prospective tenants.

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